Chapter Tutorials

PowerPoint Slides – What they are for.

Twenty PowerPoint files are included here. They are for use by instructors and students. Each one focuses on central ideas underpinning the chapter. They can be used to open the study of a model or for review. However, they are not designed to carry a lecture on the content of the chapter. We have found them useful to orient the study of the models and also to stimulate reflection on the models and related content. 

01 — Chapter One — Where Models of Teaching Come From

02 — Chapter Two – Building Communities of Expert Learners

03 — Chapter Three – Learning Inductively

04 — Chapter Four – Learning by Investigating

05 — 1 Chapter Five – PWIM 1

05 — 2 Chapter Five- PWIM 2

05 — 3 Chapter Five – PWIM 3

05 — 4 Chapter Five – PWIM 4

06 — Chapter Six – Concept Attainment

07 — Chapter Seven – Synectics

08 — Chapter Eight – Mnemonics

09 — Chapter Nine – Advance Organizer

10 — Chapter Ten – Inquiry Training

11 — Chapter Eleven – Partners in Learning

12 — Chapter Twelve – Group Investigation

13 — Chapter Thirteen – The Study of Values

14 — Chapter Fourteen – Nondirective Teaching

15 — Chapter Fifteen – The Inner Person

16 — Chapter Sixteen – Explicit Teaching of Comprehension

17 — Chapter Seventeen – Mastery Learning

18 — Chapter Eighteen – Direct Instruction

19 — Chapter Nineteen – Creating Curriculums

20 — Chapter Twenty – The Optimal Mismatch

6 thoughts on “Chapter Tutorials

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  3. These have been very helpful in reviewing for my Master’s comprehensive exam. Thank you for sharing them!

  4. I’m a bit shocked at how uninformative these slide decks for each chapter. They are visually difficult to look at and do not begin to cover the specifics of each chapter. It is so disheartening when a group dedicated to education cannot practice what they preach.

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