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Contact the Authors

Bruce Joyce, Booksend Laboratories

912 634 4759


Emily Calhoun, The Phoenix Alliance

912 638 0685


The authors are available to assist in the implementation of the various models of teaching.  Consulting engagements are available on-site or via Skype or phone conference.  Informal initial discussions are encouraged via email.



11 thoughts on “Contact the Authors

  1. I am a In-service teacher development consultant to the education department of government of Bihar , India, I am assigned to develop training module to reach all the teachers of the state in a cascade mode . I am working to design the module with the following objectives.
    All the teachers and teacher educators would be aware of transnational modes of the following
    a. Helping children to attain concepts
    b. Helping children to learn through inquiry
    c. Helping children learn memorization techniques
    d. Helping children acquire, retain and present knowledge through advance
    e. Cooperative learning
    f. Mastery learning
    g. Skills development
    h. Behavioral modification
    i. Tips on how children learn
    j. Reflective teaching and how to go about it.

    I am great admirer of your book ” Models of teaching “and want to take the essence of it to all over India,with due acknowledgement of the authors, and also experiment in schools the application of the models .To begin all that , I wish to obtain, any ready, free version, training module, suitable to transact training programs on the models, for teachers and teachers educators.

    I will appreciate an early reply.

    Thanking you
    Prakash Dutt

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  6. Hello,

    My name is Peggy (Margaret) Johnson. I teach sixth grade and I am finishing up my master’s degree. I love your text, Models of Teaching.

    Chapter three especially grabbed my attention. When I saw the examples of the teaching of upper level grammar through inquiry practices, I was excited. I’ve taught for 25 years and still grapple with the transferring of grammar skills to students’ writing. I am using this topic to do a Literature Review in one of my classes, but I am not finding much information that is applicable to English as a first language classroom. There are several articles about using this technique in EFL/ESL classrooms in countries around the world. I believe that this strategy would help the ESL learners in my room and all of my students. I want to help students make the transfer of grammar skills to their written work.

    I have looked through the references pages in your text but am not clear on which apply to inquiry in grammar. Could you please share your sources that specifically apply to this topic with me? I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you,

  7. Hi again,

    I’m following up on the article pitch I sent recently. I’m curious to know if the topic sparked any interest on your end. I’m more than happy to provide additional details or answer any questions you might have. As a reminder, the topic I’d like to cover is providing advice and guidance on getting and staying organized for any teachers out there who are struggling.

    I appreciate your time and consideration.
    Laura Pearson of

    P.S. If you don’t like my proposed topic, please send over a couple of topic options that work better for your website. If you’d prefer not to hear from me again, please let me know.

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