Introduction to Models of Teaching

Making Friends with Models of Teaching – what’s here and in the book

Let’s discuss how to use the book and the support materials.

First, how to structure personal study, cooperative study, or a course at a campus or at distance (as online).

The opening sections and the first five chapters should be studied first.

The dedication sets the tone – written 100 years ago by one of America’s most important educators. She carried the torch of optimism and professionalism high.

Browse the table of contents – it is a study guide.

The two “Heritage” sections put education in a historic context – including the research that current models incorporate.

Then, work through the first five chapters. The first two orient you to the bunch of ways of teaching we take you to and the development of learning communities from Kindergarten through high school and even beyond.

The next three are intensive treatments of three basic models every educator needs. The rest of the book builds on them, but you will find that chapters six through twenty make a lot more sense of you have the models for teaching and learning inductively, learning through investigations and the picture-word inductive model in tow.

Then you can pick and choose models to study.

9 thoughts on “Introduction to Models of Teaching

  1. I love this book. I follow this book from its first print. It changhed my mind and trained me to be a teacher!

  2. I love this book. I studied it since I was postgraduate student in 1992. I will teach it to postgraduate and Ph.D. student in this semester. By the way, I have researched on composition teaching by partners in learning model. Result was very interesting.

  3. I love this book too!! I studied it in at the doctoral level and has been a great source of innovation in my classroom. I teach at graduate level in a MA in Education program and a MS in Nursing in the Role of Education program. In both of them the students love what they learned with this book.

  4. Thank you for providing the WONDERFUL ancillaries for this text. I am writing a course and will be using this text these resources will be immensely helpful.

  5. Thank you very much. I will be using some of the resources here to design part of a programme plan for training teachers.

  6. I like this book that summarized many models of teaching so make us understand easily. But, it’s good if there is a complete database or such encyclopedia of models of teaching that exist on the world.

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